The faithful priest was a man of God who followed all the commandments in the Bible. He was a man who did no wrong. He had a flock of followers who believed in his strong faith in God. One Day, a torrential rain fell that caused a big flood in his town. Unfortunately, it was so bad that rescuers were required to help the people of the town. Meanwhile, the priest and his congregation gathered on the roof of their church where they were rescued by a Good Samaritan in his boat. The priest was very adamant that God himself come down and rescue him, he refused to get on the boat and eventually drowned. Of cause, being a man of God he went straight to heaven where he confronted God saying, “ father, I followed your commandment and did everything I could to be on your good side, but yet I waited and waited for you to come and get me, but you let me drown, why ? “ God replied by asking the priest if he saw the rescue boat, and if he counted how many times it came back for him. His reply was, “Was that you Lord? “ God said “yes, that was me” The priest response was, Wow, I should have known better!

There are things in this world that no matter how insignificant they might be you have to be aware of them. They might be the catalyst that will propel you to that next level. I have a very strong faith in God and the power of prayer, but people sometimes are misguided or totally misunderstand this premise. People pray for things and think that whatever they are praying for will somehow fall on their lap from heaven without understanding that these things will manifest themselves through people and it is all up to you to flow with it. Imagine the possibilities. Think about the fact that you can be a blessing to someone out there and someone can be a blessing to you. Just saying, “Good morning, how are you?” “Have a nice day,” or “Thank you,” could make a difference in a person’s life. Show appreciation whenever you can and be grateful for what you have. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Be good to people whenever you can. You cannot worry about the negative or non-response of others because you have a positive state of mind. You cannot let whatever is troubling them affect you in any way. You have done your part as a good person.

Your positive state of mind will breed success around you. Success doesn’t always come from being smart enough or born into privilege. Positivity comes from expecting success. Its confidence that comes from faith- a belief that success will be yours. Why not expect to succeed? You are not expecting to fail.

Negativism will not create your success and will make you miserable. Have fun and be in a relaxed state. You’ll see the opportunities because you expect them to be there. Luck is merely an opportunity that you were in the right frame of mind to see.

Staying positive will allow you to avoid needless worries and ignore trivial situations. Remember, an optimistic mind is a constructive mind and a constructive mind always gets the job done. Our lives can be altered by things we can’t control, but your positive state of mind will help you overcome any adversity.

Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply and Speak Kindly